Side of the Road

We are taking another trip into the archives from last summer. These were taken on a roadside stretch break while driving home. Theres something so peaceful about horses munching away. So quiet. No worries at all. Two crows interrupted the calm when they were not impressed with a hawk who ventured too close to their nests. I'm always fascinated with crows. They are so darn smart. They also don't live by the restraints of an animal hierarchy. I've seen them chase and swoop at coyotes. Rebels of nature. 

The last photo is a bald eagle that was soaring above the peaceful horses and the angry crows. Pardon the blurriness as the zoom lens was workin' overtime to get a shot of him. It's kinda fitting to post this now as I also saw a bald eagle last week circling over us while we prepped the garden. I didn't have my camera then so I layed back on the lawn and watched him till he flew up so far he was out of sight. Sometimes it's nice to forget your camera.


  1. That is one lucky side of the road! How wonderful!


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