Pottery Bits

It's time for the last little bits of my pottery class. My goal was to make my own mug and I was successful! Although it is a bit small for my liking. My favourite mug of all time is about equal to 3 mugs. The tiny little bowl went from a pathetic use of a pottery wheel to one of my most used items! It is perfect for setting the tea ball in to be used again or to dry out after you're done. I hate scraping out wet loose tea. I am much happier to pour out the dry stuff. The little things, right? I also made a little set of single vases. Just imagine a lovely flower sitting in them ;)

So lately everytime I find a moment to comment on my favourite blogs it get foiled. I totally appreciate everyone for taking time out of their busy days to comment on this little blog and I feel badly that I am failing at doing that myself. So a big THANK YOU to everyone who wanders over here!


  1. LOVE that mug! See, for me, the smaller the mug, the better. I do that thing where I pour myself coffee, take a few sips, think it's too hot, let it sit, it gets too cold, re-heat it, it's too hot, muscle down a few more sips, let it sit out again, it gets too cold, etc. I envy those who can grab a gigantic cup of hot liquid and drink it without the fear of scorching their tongues.

    1. I tend to just drink from my same cup for hours. Just refilling and refilling and using the same tea bag all day. Get's my daily amount of water in!

  2. I love your pottery. It's all so lovely, that I could steal it all from you hahaha. :D

  3. You did such a great job with those, I love them. happy weekend!

    x Sharon

  4. They are beautiful! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Whoah, impressive! At least tiny mugs are great for coffee (not tea though!)

  6. So beautiful! I want to make my own mug too 😊


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