Sunwapta Falls

These photos got lost in the shuffle last year and never got posted. This is Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park. It was a stretching stop for us on our journey down to Banff and it was teeming with people also using it as a stretching stop! We went on a short 30 min hike down to the lower falls area and that was considerably less busy. It was a pretty warm day so the spray of the falls was a great cool down. We were actually planning on hiking around these ice caves but a mudslide had knocked out the road to get there so we had to forgo that adventure. I definitely want to try to go back there again though!

Side note: I guess we have a thing for plaid.


  1. So glad you found them again! So beautiful!

  2. I am SO in love with the North American nature!! [insert smiley with heart eyes].
    Feel like I need to go on a forever lasting road trip over there!
    Hope you'll get the chance to visit the ice caves; that place looks out of this world!

  3. The fifth picture is awesome!


Thank you for your comment!

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