Beau Bois, NL

I took a month off and suddenly here we are. It's almost awkward to get back into the blog two and a half months later. I wrote a note in my agenda on September 1st that said: "blog post?" and then promptly answered that question with a nope when the day actually rolled around. Truth be told, I had a great summer and I was having too much fun to find my way back to this space.

I feel like I have lots to say and no place to start now. The obvious change in the last two months is of course our wedding which went down without a hitch. We enjoyed an amazing 3 weeks away from work touring around the island and getting up to nothing in particular. Back home we've been desperately trying to salvage what we can from our garden. Being away so long coupled with an awful drought have made it less than ideal. In other news, I'm starting an intermediate pottery class soon and excited to see what new techniques I can learn and Christmas knitting has begun for all the little kids in my life. I also really want to work on a quilt if I can find the time. 

Well that all just kinda came tumbling out once I started! I have SO many photos from our trip and thought I would start with a grey, foggy day. This is a little place called Beau Bois that is really quite tucked away from the town of Marystown. David's best friends all grew up in the bay and the last few months he has been working on painting the bay but from another angle than these photos were taken. If he ever finished (he is notoriously slow at painting) I will share it on here! 


  1. Yay welcome back! Gorgeous photos as always. Congratulations on your wedding! Excited to see some of your pottery experiments when you start!

  2. Welcome back and congratulations on your wedding! I wish you both all the very, very best!

  3. Congratulations dear, good that you're back! :) You were missed.

  4. Gorgeous shots! Glad you're back. Blogging certainly has its rhythms; I'm no stranger to breaks. :) Pottery class sounds like a treat!

  5. Just perfect! Wonderful place and gorgeous captures, dear Shy! ♥


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