In the Garden: The Year that Came and Went.

It's already the end of another growing season and I'm just getting my first actual In The Garden post up. Little late to the party here. To tell you the truth, we suffered an awful drought this year so our garden did not do nearly as good at last year. Couple that with leaving to go to Newfoundland for three weeks (which meant there was nearly five weeks the garden was just left to it's own devices) and it didn't actually do as bad as expected. No weeding, no watering, no pruning and tending. All au natural this year! (Also these photos are taken from my phone because... lazy!)

Our two cucumbers had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the cool nights when we moved them from our living room to the garden in the spring but they came around in the end and I was able to harvest about 60 cucumbers off them. I've been eating 1-2 a day but barely making a dent. Pickling here we come!

I planted a second batch of shallots last summer near the end of August. Unfortunately we got a frost the next week and I just gave up on the second batch coming up. Much to my surprise they popped up in early spring and were the first thing I could harvest! Onions didn't get very big this year but big enough to be usable so that was good.

Much like the cucumbers the yellow zucchini's had a hard start but once they grabbed ahold they produced a lot of fruit. Two out of my five plants couldn't make out of the drought so their leaves turned white/yellow and they only produced very small hard zuc's. My pumpkin's had a similar problem the plant itself looked fine and grew great but there just wasn't enough water around for the one pumpkin I did get to grow larger than my palm. For comparison this was one of my pumpkin last year!

Butternut squash had the same issues as well. Big beautiful plant but tiny squashes. I did manage to get two fair sized ones out of it but the taste was just not great. I am saving the other in the hopes it will ripen more.

I don't know if there is anything that keeps a sunflower down. We don't even plants these! The birds take them out of the feeders all winter and sprinkle them around the garden for us. We leave them to grow because the goldfinches like to eat off them while we garden and we can usually get two months of not having to feed the birds out of it! Bonus.

Tough to keep a marigold down as well! Especially the jumbo variety, I don't think you can kill these things! Other items I didn't photo: Corn and potatoes did great and my tomatoes are ok but suffered from lack of transplanting while we were gone away. I'm just getting some tomatoes now but better late than never! While carrots and beets usually come up in early July most of them have only just popped up at the end of August!! They are so late but luckily root veggies can take a lot more cold weather so I am leaving them in the hopes they can get to be an edible size!

And the fruits of our first harvest! (We've done roughly four harvests this size now)


  1. I have major garden envy!! We moved mid spring/early summer and it was too late to put in a garden. Your plants did well despite your trip and the lack of rain. I can only imagine what it'll be like next year!

  2. That last photo is so cute. It must be so much fun to garden. And I love how the sunflowers just crop up on their own...that's gorgeous. :)

  3. isn't it wonderful to be able to eat what you grow by yourself!

  4. yay, it looks awesome though, so much space, and so much green, yum!

  5. These photos look amazing! Love how luscious everything looks
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  6. i ate the last cherry tomatoes from my garden yesterday, and still have some onions to pick up, but i can't complain about this year's harvest either :)


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