A Blip in Time

These photos are from a rare moment of quiet for me this autumn. I thought planning a wedding was busy times. Nope. This season is 100 times busier. Road trips. Classes. Way too much work. I'm banking on a nice long Christmas break to recoup after all of this. 

Me and Keko went on this walk in September. Maybe October? I can't even remember now! There was a nice drizzle though and heavy cloud which always makes everything extra quiet, which I like the best. It started raining heavily at one point and I hid under a tree and got separated from the dog. After the drizzle, I carried on expecting to run into him again on our usual route. When I finished up with still no sign I went on home where I found him asleep in his blanket. What a guy! Left me half way because he doesn't like to get wet! Dogs these days.

Since I mentioned the wedding above I am excited to say we got our photos back! They look lovely and I will share sometime soon!

(I don't know why my text wont left align!! Sorry this is so annoying to read!)

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