A Year's End Reset

I usually do a wrap up of the year with an update on how my resolutions went (hint: not well) and a recap of my favourite places I've got to visit but I just can't muster up the energy to do it this year. If 2015 was a Friends episode it would be called "The One That Exhausted Me". As is probably evident by my nearly non-existent participation on my own blog the latter half of the year, life has gotten in the way of all the fun stuff.

 The first half of the year was pretty well dedicated to wedding related items and, while it was an amazing day, I certainly would not want to plan another one!! We had a nice small ceremony and reception (which I will share on here at some point! I swear!) and I can't imagine planning a large wedding. I would be committed to a mental institute if that were the case. Sewing my dress also burnt me out on my crafting. It took too long. Way too long. I 100% wouldn't do it again! I would throw all the money at someone in order to never have to do that again!

Right after we got back from the wedding my work picked up. The busiest it has ever been in the 5 years I've worked here. I've been working out of town on site two days a week on top of squeezing in my regular work and let me tell you it is tough! Spending over 4 hours a day driving for those those days just drains me. Fun fact about me: I am a much happier passenger than driver. Driving makes me grumpy. Also to have to drive in Alberta in the winter makes me grumpier. 

I feel like the first half of the year I was in such a positive head space and now as the second half draws to a close negative thoughts have creeped in. One of my resolutions was to do daily yoga. I did really well for most of the year but it's disappeared since October and I'm finding it hard to squeeze it in. Usually that's my time to settle the mind and keep in a positive headspace. I've never been good at meditation or focusing on a mantra or anything but I felt like I needed to do something with myself to end the day on a positive note instead of being stressed out. So for my farewell post to 2015 I will leave you with my recipe for resetting my mind after a busy, dark, winter's day.

Reset Recipe

1. Take a steamy shower (or bath if your into that) by candlelight.
2. Put on a nice smell - I rub my face/neck/shoulders in jojoba oil mixed with eucalyptus.
3. Find a quiet place - I literally pull a dining room chair into my (too small) bathroom and put my feet up on the counter. Gotta do what you gotta do for privacy.
4. Turn on some good sounds - I downloaded the Relax Melodies app and flick on some stormy ocean noise.
5.  Then lean back and count really, really slowly till I reach 100. Visualizing each number and drawing it in my minds eye. If anything else creeps into my mind I "swish" it away and keep focusing on the numbers.

That's it! I can't stop thinking during a meditation so the counting for me really helps force my brain to just stop for a few minutes. Right now with feeling so physically, mentally, and emotionally tired that's just what I need. An odd side-effect I've noticed is that after I'm done my count I am so parched. Mouth feels like a desert kind of parched. I'm not sure what brings this on but all I can think about after is gulping down nearly a pitcher of water! Weird but true!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have a massage booked, lots of naps penciled in, too much food, a solid netflix queue, and I'm going to make that quilt I've been meaning too finally!

See you next year!
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