The Walk Home

This is the super abridged version of our wedding! There are about a million more photos but you get the gist from these ones! After many days of raining it opened right up and was a clear blue sky for our wedding. I wouldn't have been bothered by the rain, really but the sunshine made for some lovely light streaming in through the church high white ceilings. After the ceremony we popped outside for a few minutes of photos with the family and then a few of just the two of us over by the bay. Then the party started!

By the time we had finished up our couple of photos everyone had moved from the church to the hall, grabbed a few drinks, and found their seats. We swooped in just as everyone was taking there seats and David said a few thanks-you's (we had no other speeches) and we tucked into dinner. Music, dancing, and general tom-foolery went on into the nights. David and I walked home at 2am after the last of the guests left the hall. We wandered down the dark, lonely streets in our fancy clothes. Him caring the left over dinner's and me carrying the leftover cake! 

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